Oops moment of bollywood 2016

A password will be e-mailed to you. The Episode starts with Ronnie thinking he will record Nikhil’s confession once he comes there. He checks his phone battery, and tells his goons that Nikhil is very oops moment of bollywood 2016. Nikhil comes there hiding his face.

Tanu tells him that the blackmailer knows even you. Nikhil gives him money bag and asks for proofs. Nikhil says the proof which will prove that Tanu is carrying my baby. Ronnie thinks he has confessed everything.

Ronnie tells Nikhil to come and take the proofs. Nikhil beats Ronnie mercilessly, and stabs on his stomach. Pragya and Purab come there and sees Nikhil taking Ronnie’s mobile and sees him injured. Then they push Ronnie from the cliff.

Tanu asks Nikhil, if Ronnie is alive. Nikhil says he must have died. Purab and Pragya call Ronnie and come there. They see Ronnie’s body and run towards him.

Ronnie open his opens and says nothing have happened to him. Purab tells Pragya that blood is not coming out from his body. Ronnie takes out the knife and tells that he went with protection. Pragya comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Abhi holding a stick.

He falls down on the bed. Abhi with his eyes closed, says I won’t leave anyone. Pragya thinks if he attacks me in night then I couldn’t protect myself. Pragya makes him sleep on couch and thinks he shall not wake up till morning and calm down his anger. She sleeps on the bed, and dreams that Abhi is pressing her neck.

Abhi thinks she is right and thinks to scold Tanu. Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door. He sees her missing from the room, calls her and sees her phone ringing. He thinks I will punish her once she returns. Abhi is about to throw tomato and egg on her, but thinks she is pregnant.