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Emma Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Hailee Steinfeld and more stars have suffered nip slips, pasty problems and butt blunders in the name of red carpet fashion. The Oops: While signing autographs outside of best oops photos AOL building during her press tour for the new Wonder Woman movie, Connie Nielson accidentally flashed fans when a breeze lifted up her skirt. The Advice: Aside from staying ever vigilant for the rogue gust of wind, a slip is always a girls best friend.

My sleeve almost fell off and completely exposed my body! The Oops: Emma took a chance on a flirty, diaphanous Chloé dress – and the dress turned on her. The Advice: When wearing tissue-thin, sure-to-tear pieces, be prepared, as Emma was: “I had nipple covers on in case that happened. The Oops: Nicole kindly went to hug one of the tour bus attendees at the Oscars – at the expense of the delicate bejeweled straps of her custom Armani Privé gown. The Advice: If you’re in couture, avoid any sudden movements. And if you do find yourself in a similar situation, hope that your date is as resourceful as Keith Urban was – he fashioned the gown’s criss-cross straps into a halter. Russo Couture gown got bigger every time someone stepped on her train.

The Advice: Don’t breathe, sneeze or walk too fast – and be sure to pose like a pro, as Hailee did, to cover any evidence until you can get to a safe space to stitch it up. The Oops: Chrissy knew her incredibly high-slit gown, fastened only with two safety pins on either side, was going to be a risk – and lo and behold, she ended up giving viewers an eyeful with one slightly too-long stride on the AMAs red carpet. The Advice: If you’re Chrissy, you just DGAF – and you use social media to mock those who were scandalized. Plus, you thank your waxer while you’re at it. She followed a similar strategy in response to her Super Bowl nip slip. The Oops: Perhaps lured into complacency by the relatively covered-up nature of her paisley silk suit, the star didn’t realize things were sliding “to the left, to the left,” until she was halfway to her car. The Advice: Even Queen Bey can’t will a plunging neckline into submission.

Relying on a healthy amount of double-stick tape and perfect posture is key to pulling off sexy suiting. The Oops: She forgot to take the tags off her Céline coat,  and wore it “about four times” before the paparazzi caught it. The Oops: While playing a game with Jimmy Fallon, the star paused, shocked: “I might have just fallen apart from behind! The Oops: The Property Brother had an unexpected open house when the seam of his pants ripped – a problem, he confessed, he has a lot with his jeans.

The Advice: If you too find yourself wondering “How does one butt rip so many pants? The Advice: If you’ve got to wear a floaty mini for your Cannes photocall, you may also have to keep your hands strategically planted at your hemline. Alternately, you can just handle it as coolly as the Outlander star did! The Oops: The seam on the star’s lilac turtleneck top came apart mid-autograph. The Advice: If something feels too small in the dressing room, believe it.